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Birthdate:May 19
OOC Information:
Name: Psycofoxx
Age: 27
AIM: AmberGreywind

IC Information:
Name: Yujinn Zi Alda
Fandom: Vampire Game
Timeline: Right after his death in book 14.
Age: 23
Appearance: Yujinn is 5’10 and slender. He is quite pretty, with knee length white hair, usually worn in a braid, and violet eyes. He tends to wear loose fitting garments in white or pastels.
Abilities: Yujinn is a mage, one of the most talented in Pheliosta. He specializes in Holy magic -- spells that repel and destroy the undead and unholy creatures; but he’s quite skilled at many different forms of offensive magic and healing, and in crafting magical items. His offensive spells tend to be more focused on disabling his target than killing. He has a variety of detection spells, which can be used to find people or diagnose curses or illnesses.
He has been trained to use a sword, and usually carries a dagger on his belt, but physical fighting isn’t his area of expertise.

Personality: Yujinn always appears to be upbeat and cheerful. He is constantly smiling, and tends to be a bit of a flirt. That said; he’s actually fairly depressed. He never seems to smile when he’s alone and he’s made several comments that he believes he’s not really capable of mutual love. He also calls himself a coward; and he did have a tendency to shut down or run when things became emotionally difficult; although that was improving when he died.
He can be a little patronizing, but he does care for others. He’s the type who will completely ignore his own pain to make sure the people he cares about are happy.
History: Yujinn was born Prince Yujel, the heir of the Zi Alda throne. The child of his lady mother and a man not of the royal bloodline (technically it was not legal for her to marry outside of the royal family), which caused an incredible scandal in the province, which resulted in a kingdom wide ban of eggs and tomatoes.
He grew up with his best friends Lucy, Ashley, and Leene. Lucy was in love with Ashley, Ashley loved Leene, and Leene loved Yujel, Yujel cared deeply for Ashley and had already fallen in love with Princess Ishtar, despite being 8-years her senior. He’d met her at a marriage meeting when she was five and he was thirteen. At the time, she had outright rejected him, claiming to love her 17-year old bodyguard Darres.
During this time, Yujinn is reported to have been a somewhat thoughtless hedonist, flitting between one lover and another, and never staying with one for long. In the manga, gossips indicate that he had at least four lovers concurrently at the time he left Zi Alda; two woman and two men.
It is unclear exactly what happened, but somehow Leene blackmailed Yujel into forming a suicide pact with her; he however, designed it so that they would both survive, and in the resulting scandal, he would leave, causing her to rebound and marry Ashley. He wanted Ashley to be happy, since he was the only man he felt he could call a true friend. His plan worked, but the marriage between Ashley and Leene proved disastrously unhappy; and also caused hard feelings between himself and Lucy; who was well aware of the plan and hurt that he had ignored her feelings for Ashley.
Shrewdly considering that Princess Ishtar had rejected all her traditional suitors, Yujel changed his name to Yujinn and applied for a post as her magic teacher aided by Ishtar’s guardian Sir.Keld (incidentally a relative of Yujinn’s).
He later revealed his true identity to Ishtar while saving her from a rampaging horse in Zi Alda. However, he had already realized that Ishtar was deeply in love with her bodyguard Darres, and instead of pursuing her, he tried to set events in motion to get the two together -- despite the law forbidding it.
Incidentally, he also claims to have fallen in love with Darres.
His plans to get the two of them together were interrupted by Leene’s attempts to murder Ishtar out of jealousy. With the help of Ashley and Lucy, the plot was averted without Leene being implicated. Yujinn apologized to Lucy, but was somewhat depressed that his attempts as helping his friend had hurt more people than helped.
After his mother died, he issued a proclamation that Darres was his illegitimate half-brother, which would make Darres a member of the royal bloodline and ahead of Yujinn in line for the throne of Zi Alda, thus making him an eligible and respectable match for Ishtar. Of course, that removed him from the line of inheritance, but Yujinn apparently cared very little for possessions or authority. When Darres expressed some reluctance to lying to the people, Yujinn managed to scrounge up information of Darres’s past, and his true parents, making a point about the love his parents shared, with direct parallels to Darres and Ishtar. He also uses his information to circumvent Lady Ramia’s planned rebellion by blackmailing her with proof of her son’s origins (all three were adopted and consequently not eligible to rule).

In his attempts to continue with his claims, he had to help Darress prove that he is of royal blood, (something the naturally honest Darres is opposed to, until Yujinn cheerfully reminds him that giving himself away now will mean all of their executions).
He is later killed by the King of Razenia, under the control of the vampire Sharlen. His cousin Lassen ordered the kill. Lassen reasoned that it didn’t matter if the King or Yujinn died, either way, Razenia and Pheliosta would be at war, and allow him the chance to seize the throne.
Yujinn’s last thoughts were that he would like to be reincarnated near Darres and Ishtar.

Overall Info Rating: G - NC17.
Death: Please ask first.
Smut: Yes.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: Definately possible.
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